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Aptinex JDM PIC Programmer

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JDM PIC Programmer

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  • Aptinex JDM PIC Programmer
  • Aptinex JDM PIC Programmer

Aptinex JDM Programmer is a Simple, cost-effective Programming Tool developed for easy programming of PIC family microcontrollers. Since it is Powered by the PC’s Serial port there is no requirement for external Power Supply. The Compact size of this tool makes it very handy and suitable for students and everyday electronic enthusiasts to develop their prototype device easily.
The 40 pin ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) socket onboard allows the user to easily change the microcontroller. Devices ranging from 8pin to 40Pin Microcontrollers are compatible while they are simply selected via the Pin Selector Jumper JP1

• Power
    - Powered from the same Onboard Communication Serial Port, and there for eliminating the requirement for external power source for the tool.
• Compatible Devices
PIC12 Series
PIC12C508, PIC12C509,PIC12C508A, PIC12C509A,PIC12CE518, PIC12CE519,PIC12C671, PIC12C672, PIC12CE673,       PIC12CE674,PIC12F508,PIC12F509.PIC12F629, PIC12F635, PIC12F675, PIC12F683
PIC16 Series
PIC16C505,PIC16C61, PIC16C62A, 16C62B, PIC16C63, PIC16C63A,PIC16C64A, PIC16C65A, PIC16C65B, PIC16C66, PIC16C67,PIC16C620,               PIC16C620A,PIC16C621, PIC16C621A, PIC16C622, PIC16C622A,PIC16CE623, PIC16CE624, PIC16C625,PIC16F627, PIC16F628,PIC16F627A, PIC16F628A, PIC16F648A,PIC16F630, PIC16F636, PIC16F676, PIC16F684, PIC16F688,PIC16C710, PIC16C711,PIC16C712, PIC16C716,PICPIC16C71, PIC16C72, PIC16C72A, PIC16C73A, PIC16C73B, PIC16C74A, PIC16C74B, PIC16C76, PIC16C77,PIC16F72, PIC16F73, PIC16F74, PIC16F76, PIC16F77,PIC16C745, PIC16C765,PIC16C717, PIC16C770, PIC16C771,PIC16C773, PIC16C774,PIC16C781, PIC16C782,PIC16C923, PIC16C924,PIC16F818, PIC16F819,PIC16F83,PIC16C84,PIC16F84,PIC16F84A, PIC16F87, PIC16F88, PIC16F870, PIC16F871, PIC16F872, PIC16F873, PIC16F874, PIC16F876, PIC16F877,PIC16F873A, PIC16F874A, PIC16F876A, PIC16F877A
PIC18 Series
PIC18F1320, PIC18F2320, PIC18F4320,PIC18F242, PIC18F252, PIC18F442, PIC18F452,PIC18F248, PIC18F258, PIC18F448, PIC18F458,PIC18F4539

• Interfaces
    - Standard 9Pin Female Serial Connector Directly Compatible with PC Serial Port
• Others
    - On board ZIF socket for easily changing MCU
    - On board jumper to Select 8pin to 18pin & 28pin to 40pin Devices
    - VPP or VDD First selector Jumper

Device pin select and VPP/VDD First selector
The Aptinex JDM Programmer is compatible with a range of MCU devices with 8pin to 40pin and device pin select is achieved by changing the position of the Jumper JP1 between 8-18Pin and 28-40Pin. The power-up sequence for the microcontroller is selected by the jumper JP2 and when in its OFF or non-connected position, the programmer applies VCC first, and delayed VPP. But some PIC MCU’s can be used with its internal oscillator, so they start to run once VCC is applied. To overcome this situation, simply place the jumper JP2 in its ON or connected position and the programmer will apply VPP first, and VCC later: In this procedure the MCU will not run its program and can be accessed by the programmer. The jumper positions are shown below in figure 1.


Figure 1. JP1 and JP2 positions


The Device Positions and corresponding jumper settings are given below in Figure 2.

Figure 2. JDM Programmer Device Positions & Jumper Settings

Development Resources
    • Related Software
        - WinPIC800
        - IC-Prog
    • Package Contains
        - Aptinex JDM Programmer


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